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Jupiter Ascending Movie Review

Jupiter Ascending is the latest from the brother sister duojupiter-ascending-poster that brought us the Matrix movies. This again surprised me greatly. When I was much younger I loved the Matrix (well the first one at least) nowadays the film is not bad but not one of my top go to choices either. With that said I was not sure what to expect from this one because while it looked really goodthJ7DFBHFE I was not sure how the story would be. To my surprise I found myself really enjoying what was a pretty damn good little sci-fi film. The story, while not great, was something differentJupiter-Ascending-5 and that to me at least is always a good thing. I think that people have been hard on a good movie that came out almost a year later than it was going to and was released at a crap time of year. Personally I think this film, while not Oscar worthy, is a pretty good distraction that I give 3.5 stars out of 5.


My Doctor Who Story

When I was about eight or nine years old my family and I received a sci-fi collectible6a00d83452989a69e2010536cd24ae970b-800wi magazine in the mail. This magazine was full of everything you can imagine, it had Star Trek memorabilia, Star Wars memorabilia, Space 1999 memorabilia, Planet of the Apes memorabilia, and this little show that I’d never heard of before that had some really interesting looking toys to go along with it. The show was called Dr. Who. Now being the son of a sci-fi fan my first reaction was to ask my dad, “What is the show?” to which he replied “Oh its Dr. Who, it’s a British science fiction show. I never really watched it. bakerwhoIt is about a guy in a time traveling phone booth who wears a long scarf.” Then in 2005 Dr. Who got revived with 10th-Doctor1Christopher Eccleston in the title role of the doctor the show went on to more renown than it had ever received before. Now the first episode I ever actually saw of the revived Dr. Who series was David Tennant’s last episode The End of Time. Now even though I didn’t understand context I did understand good acting and Tennant’s performance in this episode was just unbelievable. From that point on I was hooked. I’ve seen all of Matt Smith’sDoctor-Who-007 run as the doctor and even gone back and found a handful of classic Who episodes from the early era that I really enjoy, this has become probably one of my top three favorite shows on TV and I just thought I’d share a little of my experience with my readers. Now I’m sure you’re probably asking yourself at this point “well Aaron do you have a favorite Dr.” War Gamesquite simply the answer is probably no, reason being I haven’t actually seen all of them yet. I’ve only seen the first four classic Doctors and the ones from the revival series. I am looking forward to experiencing the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth doctors, but for now I’m happy with all the different incarnations I have seen and I appreciate that each actor brings something different to the role. Now if you’re curious I have seen the 50th anniversary episode Day of the Doctor and I will be writing a review. For now if you’re a WHOVIAN then commit below and let me know what your favorite episode of new Who or classic Who is.

Enders Game Movie Review

Ender’s Game, the movie review. At the beginning of the month I saw Ender’s Game. endersWhile I thoroughly enjoyed the film and hope to see a sequel happen, I highly doubt that’s going to happen. enders-game-movie-5So for this review I thought I would focus on why I enjoyed the film. First off the cast was superb. When you consider that most of them were children, with the exception of the veteran actors that were playing the adult characters, this is yet another film in recent history (the first being Let Me In) to put a lot of effort into casting its young actors. Secondly, the effects were amazing. This is one of those films that very easily could have had really bad effects. I was surprised at just how high class all the effects were. Finally the story and characters, I really appreciated all the charactersender2 in this story, especially Ender. He was probably my favorite character which is a good thing when you consider the fact that he’s the lead. All of the other characters fill very vital positions, they all help to move Ender forward in his story in some way strategically, romantically, or emotionally.bg3 All of the characters serve a purpose. As for the story itself, according to the little bit of research I’ve done it appears that they have combined the first two books in this series to create this film. I have read some reviews written by people who are read the book and talk about just how upset they were with this film. I, like many people, have not read the book. I think that is why I enjoyed the film for what it was. However after having read several of these other reviews where they keep comparing it to the book it sparked my interest in wanting to read the series. I haven’t started yet but when I do I’ll probably post the reviews to my blog. I tried to leave out any major spoilers in this, if I didn’t, I apologize. As for the film, Ender’s GameEnders-Game-Trailer gets a solid four out of five stars. The only reason it gets a four out of five is simply because of some of the things that I’ve read about the book have now made me think that I can’t believe they would leave out, for example, passage of time we’re never really given a good example of the passage of time in the film. Apparently in the book he spends four years at battle school, I couldn’t have told you that after watching the movie. If you’re looking for a good sci-fi film to rent this is the one for a good time. For a more in-depth look into the world of Ender’s Game read the book.