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My Top Five Christmas Movies #3 Disney’s The Santa Claus

Number 3 on my top five Christmas movies is Disney’s The Santa Claus.the-santa-clause-movie-poster-1994-1020190760 I was a kid when this one came out while Tim Allen was on Home improvement. I loved his comedy and to this day still do.th2313SYYR Even though this movie was made when it was it still holds up and is not too dated. Part of the charm of this film is the art direction of the North Pole and the wardrobe of Santa and the Elves. Personally the scenes that really make this one stand out to me are not the funny ones but the touching ones like the conversations between Scott and his son Charlie. Once you add the childlike wonder and how David-in-The-Santa-Clause-david-krumholtz-17534370-900-506wonderfully funny Tim Allen is you see why this one is one of my top five. The Santa Clause gets five out of five stars.