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Mortdecai Movie Review

Mortdecai is getting a lot of bad reviews but I for one enjoyed itmortdecai. I know there are a lot bad movies out there, Blackhat anyone? However I think this one is getting a bad rep for no real reason except for people liking to crap on Johnny Deep just because his last several movies have not done well at the box office. This film feels in many ways like an old comedy out of the pink panther slapstick variety.Mortdecai%20(4) While there will always only be one Peter Sellers I think that this character would have been someone he might have played some forty years ago. The acting was great the story was a great caper film with aspects of James Bond thrown in at times. Personally the film looks great after the last one I wrote about.MO_D16_02903.NEF I am noticing that a hell of a lot more than I did before. So if you are in the mood for a few laughs check out Mortdecai. Four stars out of five.