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Black Hat Movie Review

Black Hat was the worst of the bunch I saw in January.chris-hemsworth-blackhat The film itself was very generic and the cinematography was crap. This film, in the hands of say Paul Greengrass, and not Michael Mann would have been much better. I hate to say that the best Michael Mann film I have seen in years is Collateral from 2004. The man has lost his sense of style and I think his best years are behind him.blackhat-chris-hemsworth-tang-wei I personally don’t mind a bad action film but there is a difference between an over the top action film like say the Expendables and the horrible Black Hat. The worst part of this film is seeing good actors doing a bad movie that they should not have been in because they don’t fit the part. Black Hat to me has only one redeemable quality about it and that is that the plot to this, while generic, could be recycled in a few years after the bad taste has gone and make a half decent January release. Black Hat gets 2 stars out of 5.chris-hemsworth-blackhat-movie-21