Taken 3 Movie Review

Taken 3. I, like most people, know that the movies coming out in thGCYWVP4TJanuary are generally lackluster to say the least. While the third Taken film was not as good as the first it was pretty good overall when compared to some of what we normally see this time of year. Neeson gave a great performance in a film well below what he should be doing. The rest of the cast was good, taken-3-movie-official-trailer-2-640x360not great, but good and the story was serviceable. Will Taken 3 be a classic action film like the first is becoming, probably not. But will it be a fun action movie to revisit in a few years? I’m going to say yes. Taken 3 gets 3 stars out of five.


The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Army’s

Well its catch up time. I have been swamped with school working on my degree so, sorry but I have a lot of reviews coming in February. the hobbit the battle of the five armies poster 2Starting with The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies. While I thought that the second of The Hobbit movies was good it was still long. This one was not quite as bad and felt like a good length. This film was not bad but like all The Hobbit movies,emp914_dwarves-the-hobbit-3-the-battle-of-the-5-armies-what-to-look-forward-to this isn’t Lord of the Rings. All I mean is that the movies are not as good as they were. Personally the biggest thing these films had going for them were the actors involved. That is definitely the case here because there are some very good scenes that are elevated by the actors. Martin Freeman is a great young Bilbo as he always has been. Ian McKellenTHE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES is great as Gandalf as usual and while Peter Jackson has a great directing style, let’s hope that he steps outside Middle Earth for his next film. I give the last of The Hobbit films three and a half rings out of five.

My Top Five Christmas Movies #1 Love Actually

Finally my number one favorite Christmas filmlove-actually-252657l of all time is a newer one thRLMRH0O4that I didn’t grow up with and I know some people don’t care for, Love Actually. This movie caught me off guard and is not the kind of movie I normally go for because I don’t like lovey dovey chick flicks but this one hasthCFCIXALO got so much going on that I love about it. Like the story line featuring Colin Firth and the one featuring Liam Neeson and the little kid. Really telling you all the reasons I love this film would be really hard because I think that this is the only film of this kind that has really been done right. Love Actually gets five out of five stars.love-actually-7

My Top Five Christmas Movies #2 Christmas Vacation

christmasvacationNumber 2 on my top five Christmas Movies is Christmas Vacation. I have been a fan of the Vacation films for years seeing aspects of my family in all of them.christmas-vacation-griswold-house I think none more so than Christmas Vacation because while I feel most people can relate to what it is like to deal with our family around the christmas-vacation-19holidays. We see in Clark just how not to react. I love the movie because it’s one I’ve been watching for many years and think it is a must at this time of year. I think if you have younger children you might want to stay away but otherwise if you are an old fan or are watching it for the first time give it a try this holiday season. I give this one five stars out of five.Eddie

My Top Five Christmas Movies #3 Disney’s The Santa Claus

Number 3 on my top five Christmas movies is Disney’s The Santa Claus.the-santa-clause-movie-poster-1994-1020190760 I was a kid when this one came out while Tim Allen was on Home improvement. I loved his comedy and to this day still do.th2313SYYR Even though this movie was made when it was it still holds up and is not too dated. Part of the charm of this film is the art direction of the North Pole and the wardrobe of Santa and the Elves. Personally the scenes that really make this one stand out to me are not the funny ones but the touching ones like the conversations between Scott and his son Charlie. Once you add the childlike wonder and how David-in-The-Santa-Clause-david-krumholtz-17534370-900-506wonderfully funny Tim Allen is you see why this one is one of my top five. The Santa Clause gets five out of five stars.


My Top Five Christmas Movies #4 It’s A Wonderful Life

Wonderful-Life-Movie-PosterNumber 4 on my favorite Christmas films is It’s a Wonderful Life. This one is on most people’s list but unlike many of the ones on my list I did not grow up with this one.thI0WF136W I discovered it as an adult and love it so much I feel in a lot of ways that my dad is a lot like George Bailey, and I think that how he has treated people over the years is much like him as well. Add the wonderful (get it) talent of Jimmy Stewart to that and it’s one of my favorites forever with good reason. I give this Christmas classic five out of five stars.it-s-a-wonderful-life_143021

My Top Five Christmas Movies #5 Muppet Christmas Corl

the-muppet-christmas-carol-posterTop five favorite Christmas movies Number 5: Muppet Christmas Carol. The first Muppet film made after the death of Jim Henson, this film gets a lot of hate from some fans of the Muppets. My family have always liked it and for me it’s one that takes me back to childhood whenever I watch it. the-muppet-christmas-carol-originalI saw this one in the theater back when it was new and I still remember that trip to the movies because I had never seen the Muppets on the big screen before. While you might not like it the new generation of Muppet fans just might, so if you’re looking for some good family fun check out Muppet Christmas Carol this holiday. I give it four out of five stars mainly because of Kermit’s voice.muppets 2