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Cinderella movie Review

Cinderella, a live action remake of the timeless Disney classic, was not corny but magical. cinderella-2015-posterThe cast was spot on and Kate Blanchet was the most wicked of step mothers. The directing was out of this world buthqdefault then what would you expect from Kenneth Brannagh. His work again was Shakespearean. One of the best aspects and where this movie shines is in the art direction and set design. The film should but likely won’t be nominated for an Oscar this year. Lastly the cinematography was so beautiful to look at. This film is worthy of the name Disney classic. The story itself you should know if you are at all familiar with the title Cinderella. The biggest update to the story being that it is less about being rescued by a prince and more about being true to one’s self and never letting the bullies get you down. Cinderella get five out of five stars.images


31 Days Of Horror Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare from 1994 would markWes Craven's New Nightmare  Poster the first return of Freddy since they killed him off in 1990’s Freddy’s Dead and while the film did not do much at the box office it is quite frankly the second best of the franchise. With Wes Craven returning to the franchise he created, he wanted to ignore most of the other films.600full-wes-craven's-new-nightmare-screenshot His way of doing this was by focusing on the actors from the films by having the actors play themselves, and having Freddy come after them in reality with awesome performances by Robert England, Heather Langenkamp, and Wes Craven himself. This film was one of the first meta-films out and would help to launch the style of film that Wes would become known for all the way through Scream and beyond. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare gets 5 Stars out of 5.wes_cravens_new_nightmare_1994_716x372_111976

31 Days Of Horror The Woman In Black

The Woman In Black from 2012 stars Daniel Radcliff and is one The-Woman-in-Black_Poster-5of the scariest movies I have seen in recent years and for once does not rely on blood and gore to get its job done. In this film we have a very effective ghost story being played out and with very skilled acting on the part of Daniel and his supporting players. The film is set in the early nineteen hundreds and revolves around the settling of an estate and a betrayal from a long time ago. While I have a hard time thinking of anything that is PG-13 as being a true horror movie this one is and is very well made. I can’t wait for the next one due out later this year. The Woman In Black gets 5 stars out of 5.tumblr_m3ug3wYGON1rtike1o3_500


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31 Days of Horror Scream 4 Movie Review

Scream 4 is the next underrated sequel I want to talk about because I love this franchise and even most of us that hate the third film like the fourth film.scream4castpostertranslated-568x804 I recently became aware that the fourth Scream actually has a lot of mixed reviews.DSC_0776.NEF I think a lot of people might have been thrown off by all the meta humor within the fourth film. However with that said I think that you might be missing a lot of the meta humor that the first scream has in it. Granted the stuff from the fourth film is all meta humor about the Scream franchise as a whole whereas the first film is meta humor about the horror films that have come before it. I personally think that this film is one of the best horror film sequels in quite a long time and more to the point if you’re a fan of the Scream franchise then you should get all the jokes in the movie making it a better movie.scream-cast scream 4 new pics (1) I think the things that make this particular installment stand out is all the celebrity cameos in the film as well as all the red herrings among the cast of characters that have you pointing saying that’s the killer. Another thing a lot of people are saying is that the film is only watchable once because once you know who the killer is then you no longer have the suspense of the film. But people this is a horror movie. scream 4 new pics (2)People have been rewatching these types of films for years and this is no different than Michael Myers, Freddy or Jason. You know every time who the killer is going to be so why should the guy or gal behind the mask in Scream be any different. Scream 4 gets five stars out of five.

Maleficent movie review

Maleficent: I, for one, wanted this film to be good and a lot of the reviews have been mixed to say the least.hr_maleficent_p As with all reviews they are strictly the opinion of the person who writes the review. So all I can do is tell you what I thought of the film and in a word it was wonderful. maleficent-5I love fairy tales and this one is one of the best we have gotten in a while, especially if you don’t include animation. The performances are great, the CGI is outstanding and the story being told the way that it is, through a character who lives in a gray area, as opposed to black or white. This film demonstrates why Disney is still the best at what they do. I am giving Maleficent 5 out of 5 stars.

X-Men Days Of Future Past Movie Review

I have been an avid comic book reader from when I was very little and my two favorites of all time are Batman and the X-Men. X-Men_Days_of_Future_Past_posterThe X-Men films that have come out over the last 15 years have been hit and miss not just with me but with the general movie going public as well. I love the cast involved in all the films but the way that some of them have been used is not that great. With all that said, I loved X-Men: Days of Future Past.X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-Movie-Review-Image-5 I have not seen a comic book movie all year except for maybe Captain America 2 that does such a good job of making its story so credible and on top of that if it wasn’t an X-Men film it would just be a good sci-fi film. X-Men-Days-Of-Future-PastThat is how good it is and the best part of the whole thing is that it rewrites the entire universe so they didn’t kill off some of your favorite characters in X-Men 3.xmdofp You know the ones I’m talking about. So X-Men: Days of Future Past gets 5 out of 5 stars.
If you’re curious my favorite X-Men films in order:
1. X-Men Days of Future Past
2. X-Men First Class
3. X2
4. X-Men
5. The Wolverine
6. X-Men Origins Wolverine
7. X-Men 3 the last stand

GODZILLA 2014 Movie Review

Godzilla: I have never really been a fan of giant monster movies, not even King Kong. With that said, I found myself, for the first time, really enjoying a giant monster movie. d7563d332436cc96671be5ed9979147fximagesThe thing that set this one apart for me is the idea that the human beings are the center of the story. Most people I have read, who were fans of the classic Godzilla stuff, have not liked this because they like having the monster up front. In my thinking, though, you have to have the humansnew-godzilla2014-movie-still-from-empire-magazine-1 be up front because it is our cities that they are destroying, our lives they are screwing up. Most of the actors in this film did a great job. I would have loved to have seen a little more Bryan Cranston and a little less Aaron Taylor Johnson. The direction and the CGI of this film make it a must own on blu-ray for this blogger. I give Godzilla 4 and a half stars out of five.maxresdefault